MINI PLUS panel system

The MINI PLUS system allows the adaptation to the various of the walls to ensure a monolithic waterlight construction of the building or single house basements.

The MINI PLUS element consists of a 10 cm thick steel frame, to which a 15 mm multiply panel (100% birch) with phenolic coating on both surfaces is applied.

The panels are connected by clamps which assure coplanarity, perfectly tighten and align the panels together by simple hammer blow.

MINI PLUS panels are compatible with most ALPI products and, if required, can be regenerated by replacing the plywood.


  • Accessories are reduced to a minimum, in order not to complicate work on site with an excessive quantity of different elements.
  • The formwork can be mounted in both vertical and longitudinal direction. Thanks to its lightweights elements can be easily manipulated.
  • Designed to satisfy all size requirements, the range of available widths goes from 25 to 100 cm.
  • The permissible pressure is 40 kN/m2 in condition of constant pressure. (The technical manual indicates the permissible concreting pressures.)
  • The range of MINI PLUS panels and accessories is available for sale and rental.