MECCANO beam formwork

The panels are made by connecting MECCANO walers and OMEGA beams, plus a 21 mm (100% birch) multiply panel with phenolic coating on both surfaces, to create a formwork with a total thickness of just 26 cm.

The MECCANO profiles' perforation and slotting allow cutting them to length as required, without compromising their functionality, flexibility and compatibility. Panels can therefore be customized on special sizes, using components which, once the job is over, can easily be adapted to other sizes.
The formwork is designed to reduce the number of passing tie rods in the cast to a minimum, accelerating the up-setting operations of the formwork and assuring an excellent "fair faced" result, with no limits in terms of size or shape. Moreover, by fixing the plywood to the OMEGA beams from the rear, the screw heads do not leave their mark on the concrete.

Couplings and alignment walers are used to tighten and align two adjacent panels, assuring their coplanarity.
The corner solutions can be made using hinged couplings, which can respond to any design need.
To build large walls and therefore with high load-bearing capacities, MECCANO UNP 180 is also used as a substitute for the standard MECCANO, comprised of UNP 120.
This system offers the same modularity by using the same accessories as the standard model, needing a lower number of tie rods as it offers greater resistance. It reduces casting times and offers consequent economies of scale, with a quality finish for "fair faced" walls without compromises.

Adaptable to any configuration, it can respond to high pressures even when using self compacting concrete (SCC), which is becoming more and more popular in large construction projects.