MINI PLUS column panel

Columns can be built using both standard panels and the provided COLUMN PANELS for square or rectangular sections or for a multitude of other geometries.
COLUMN PANELS are available in the MINI PLUS ranges.
Their secondaries, perforated at 5 cm intervals, can be used in combination with the provided accessories to build columns without the need for passing tie rods.
The result is a compact, defect-free surface.

The connection is assured by the TIE CLAMP which joins the panels in kind of "windmill", reducing assembling times and then allowing the whole formwork to be moved, even of elevated heights.
The MINI PLUS PANELS have identical characteristics as the standard panels (100% birch plywood with phenolic coating on both surfaces).

The MINI PLUS COLUMN PANEL 3 m x 1 m can be used to build columns of 3 m with a section from 20 cm x 20 cm up to max. 75 cm x 75 cm.

For all other sizes coupled panels are used.
The permissible concreting pressure for columns made using "windmill" MINI PLUS column panels is 40 kN/m2.

As the panels are identical to the standard panels in the MINI PLUS range, they are fully compatible among each other and can also be used to build walls.