ALPIDECK modular formwork

Modular aluminium system composed of panels, beams and telescopic props, for in-situ casting of slabs.

All the components are designed to weigh less than 20 kg, so the system can be moved entirely by hand, without using a crane.

The special DROPHEAD is used to strike beams and panels after just a few days, leaving in place the supports to act as a intermediate propping and reusing the recovered material for the following casting, drastically reducing both casting times and the amount of material required on site, with relative cost savings.

The mounting speed and great flexibility are guaranteed by the same orientation of longitudinal beams and dropheads in which the panels are laid continuously without the interruption imposed by the dropheads.

With full slabs up to 40 cm, the load capacity of 60 kN/prop allows the use of a 3 m x 1.56 m mesh, corresponding to only one support every 4.7 m2. This all simplifies up-setting and striking procedures as well as the recovery of the struck material.