CC-4 Horizontal Formwork

CC¬4 is a horizontal drop ¬head formwork system for both solid and lightened slabs in building construction.

Its main features are: basically made of aluminum, fast erection and dismantling, safety for the worker.


  • High erection performance due to its light weight.
  • The formwork skin provides excellent concrete finishes in any of the available configurations.
  • The stripping system allows parts to be recovered without falling down, contributing to worker’s safety.
  • Most of the formwork can be dismantled after 3 days, leaving behind only the remaining material -CC head- together with the prop.
  • The structural grid can be erected first and the panels can be laid in a second step.
  • Direction of the beams can be changed 90º at any position, which makes the system very flexible.
  • Efficient solutions for infilling against columns and walls, perimeter protection and safety.
  • Depending on the grid used, up to 90 cm thick slabs can be casted.
  • The composite secondary beam provides leak-proof joints.
  • The CC-4 system is designed for different types of assembly: with CC-4 panels or with plywood sheet.