ALUPROP props and modular towers

The ALUPROP prop can be used as single prop or in a tower configuration for shoring systems.

In aluminium, it is lightweight and is extremely easy to handle, even with load capacities of up to 90kN.
It can be disassembled into its component parts. The internal tube has a self-cleaning ring nut, for easy maintenance on site and fast adjustment.
The end plates' geometry assures its compatibility with any ALPI HEAD and coupling with the quick release coupling.
It is most suited to use with heavy loads or when working at heights.

The ALUPROP BASE makes it possible to extend a further 50 cm.

ALUPROP towers
By combining different ALUPROP PROPS and ALUPROP TOWER EXTENSIONS, it is possible to create shoring tower solutions of any height. The stability of the single units created using four props is assured by the different types of ALUPROP FRAME. The rapid coupling system assures fast, easy mounting, with consequent savings in times and costs.

The frame is mounted using a hammer, and exploits the shape of the prop section. Once assembled, the towers can be moved as a whole.
The towers are compatible with all systems. The combination with the MECCANO system and the high load capacity of the towers assure propping for even the most complex structures.
The permissible load, as for the use of a single prop, is up to 90 kN.