MECCANO MR climbing system

The MECCANO MR climbing system is used to work at heights in total safety, without having to build expensive and elaborated scaffoldings.
While the model MR 180 uses wall formwork in conventional manner, the model MR 250, combined with the TRAVELLING CART, assures the easy opening of the formwork and the movement of the whole assembled unit with one crane lift.

MR 180 and MR 250 can be combined with all other ALPI wall systems.

The use of the TRAILING PLATFORM, available for three different heights, assures safe access for finishing works.

The MECCANO PD system offers an excellent solution for the inside of shafts. Using the standard components of the MECCANO family, it builds a safe working platform which can be lifted in one piece. For wide shafts, it is possible to strengthen the MECCANO PD platforms using MECCANO RT tension truss girders.
The climbing shaft platform is used inside smaller rectangular/circular shafts and enables supporting formworks for subsequent shuttering at heights. It rests on swivelling brackets in recesses prepared in the walls during the previous cast. Having completed the shuttering, the climbing shaft platform is lifted using the provided crane hook to the following recesses.