The modular MECCANO system

Its simple, lightweight, compact structure and the modularity with all components, as well as the rapidity of assembling and disassembling the various components, the ability to respond to the increasing demands of the modern building world, make the MECCANO system an important partner for assuring worksite efficiency.

Its universal use is particular helpful for building complex works.

The adaptability of the system and the quality of its materials allow the design and construction of special formwork in very short times. Works with complex architectural structures are just one field of application where the strength of MECCANO comes into play. Curvatures and futuristic shapes, fair-faced concrete surfaces of superior quality are not longer a problem.
Adopting the MECCANO system assures all kinds of benefits on site, even in traditional works, and rationalizes the whole construction process. The possibility to mount OMEGA beams and MECCANO walers freely allows the positioning of tie rods without interfering with architectural lines.

The MECCANO system is compatible with all ALPI products, removing all the limits of the typical shapes of traditional formwork systems.
Thanks to this construction philosophy, almost all the elements in the system can be reused, with clear cost savings.
The structure is built using solid universal steel components, resistant to weather conditions and wears, designed to provide quality solutions for a large number of reuses. The formwork plywood, on the other hand, fixed from the rear, is a consumable element, and is chosen not only according to the need for reuse and the finished appearance of the work, but also to assure perfect surface results.