DORPA Frame Scaffolding

The scaffolding is mainly composed of closed and open frames that, joined via ledgers, diagonal braces and platforms, form a modular structure for covering façades.
DORPA Scaffolding is certified under the European standards EN 12810 -1/2 and EN 12811-1/2/3.


- During erection, the safety guardrail is used as collective protection. This system is assembled from below and prevents workers from falling when climbing to the upper level. The safety guardrail is verified in accordance with EN 795 as protection against falls from height-anchor devices
- During usage, it has protective guardrails both on the outer and inner sides if necessary. The access to the scaffolding is safe thanks to trapdoor platforms.

  • Fast and easy to assemble without tools and a reduced number of items.
  • Safety:
  • BRIO is compatible with DORPA Frame Scaffolding; many items are common for both of them.
  • Hot dip galvanisation provides excellent surface finish and makes it a long-lasting product.
  • Widths of 0.70 m and 1.02 m to adapt to the different needs.
  • Anti-slip platforms. The frames themselves prevent accidental platform lifting.
  • A light scaffolding thanks to its optimised design.
  • Optional brackets at different heights for working on façades.