BRIO Modular Scaffolding

This is an innovative and technologically evolved scaffolding system, based on the wedge coupling method.
Every 50 cm, the vertical posts feature a disk with 8 holes; which is used to connect, simply by hammering, the horizontal and diagonal elements.
In this way, even complex structures can be mounted in a short time and in total safety. The versatility of this product makes it suitable for scaffoldings even for complex works or new buildings, for shoring towers, industrial maintenance (tanks, trunks, chemical plants, etc), in the shipbuilding and aeronautics sectors, entertainment (stages, audio towers, etc), stair towers on worksites and safety towers, covers and propping.


  • Versatility and flexibility for any geometric shape.
  • Fast and easy to assemble with a reduced number of elements.
  • Safety:
  • - During erection, the safety guardrail is used as collective protection. This system is assembled from below and prevents workers from falling when climbing to the upper level. The safety guardrail is verified in accordance with EN 795 as protection against falls from height-anchor devices.
    - During usage, it has protective guardrails both on the outer and inner sides if necessary. The access to the scaffolding is safe thanks to trapdoor platforms.

  • BRIO is compatible with DORPA Frame Scaffolding; many items are common for both of them.
  • Anti-slip platforms with safety pin to prevent accidental lifting.