Small in size, big in performance.
With base panel heights of 1.6 m to 2.4 m, these shoring systems cover the entire range of applications in inner-city civil engineering projects. They are mainly used for the laying of pipes and cables for electricity, gas and water.

Lightweight-Box - from the small to the largest.
With a base panel hight of 2.40 m and a max. permitted trench box represent the upper limit in the E+S Lightweight class. It goes without saying that it comes equipped with all the features exhibited by all E+S products. The 2.40 m high base panel is available in the lengths of 3,5m. The maximum pipe culvert height is 1.34 m. Height top units for the LBR are used as standard up to 3,5m.

Like all the top panels, installation is simple and quick yet safe. The connection with post and pins eliminates the risk or error.

With system struts and intermediate tubes.
The strut system exclusive for E+S shoring systems, which can be steplessly adjusted from 0.81 up to 4.55 m, can be combined on the standard box with the 0.55 m long intermediate tubes to ensure maximum strength and versatility.

Installation as the situation demands.
According to the static requirement and the local conditions on site, the Leightweight-Box can be installed by prior excavation or progressive excavation. 

Shoring length: 2,00 m - 3,50 m
Height base unit: 1,60 m / 1,95 m / 2,25 m / 2,40 m
Height top unit: 0,96 m / 1,32 m
Pipe culvert height: 0,81 m / 1,16 m / 1,19 m / 1,34 m
Weight: 745 kg - 2136 kg