In a class of its own.
This series of shoring elements is located between the Lightweight class (LBR) and the capacity boxes. There is virtually no line of products in the Medium class that compares with the E+S range. The specific dimensions and design features of this shoring system make it suitable for universal and varied applications. In the Medium shoring range - pipes up to 1.45 m external diameter - these boxes with a base panel height of 2.60 m are an international bestseller.

Two parts - one system.

The E+S strut system consists of three efficient individual components. The cast-iron nut. Made of nodular cast-iron (GGG 50). Effectively withstands the tensile and compressive forces. The spindle. Manufactured with threaded tube with friction-welded flange joints and four holes for the flange connecting screws. Thanks to its stepless adjustment facility, it can be adapted to the demanded trench width.

The intermediate tube. The basic version is made of nodular cast iron (GGG 50). The module lengths are 0.25 and 0.55 m. To transmit exceptional forces, intermediate carrier tubes HE-B 180/220 in additional lengths are available. However different the shoring system may be in size, all the boxes of the compact class - from the Lightweight through to the Magnum-Box - use one and the same strut system.

Shoring length: 2,00 m - 4,50 m
Height base unit: 2,60 m
Height top unit: 1,32 m / 2,00 m
Pipe culvert height: 1,45 m
Weight: 1454 kg - 2740 kg