Minibox KVL

This small steel trench box is designed specifically for inner city shoring jobs. The KVL is ideal for the laying and modernization of gas and water pipes and telephone and power cables and for the creation of service lines.

Thanks to their low weight, the boxes are suitable for handling with small wheeled excavators. Sturdy struts, which can be adjusted to the desired trench width and quickly replaced (secured with bolts and spring pins), and sling lugs on the four corner posts simplify the handling of this type of shoring. Desite their low weight, the assembled boxes are stable and suitable for installation both by placement in the ready-dug trench and by lowering with concurrent excavation.

With the aid of an adapter, the struts developed for the KS 60 and KS 100 boxes can also be used if desired.

By means of an adapter, the struts SP SB 98 x 550 or SP SB 98 x 700 can optionally used on demand for KS 60 and KS 100 boxes.

Installation as the situation demands.

Shoring length: 2,00 m - 3,50 m
Height base unit: 1,50 m / 2,00 m / 2,40 m
Height top unit: 0,50 m / 1,00 m
Pipe culvert height: 0,72 m / 0,97 m / 1,30 m
Weight: 497 kg - 1027 kg