Aluminium Boxes

The Aluminium lightweight shoring is the ideal shoring system for trenches up to 3m deep in inner-city areas. It is used for all conventional trench shoring work and for the laying of cables, gas and water pipes, for service pipes and shafts, and for repairs and inspections. It is also used for launch and reception pits for trenchless pipe laying and for end-of-trench shoring for pipe-laying trenches.

The Aluminium lightweight shoring is suitable for all soil types. Cohesive soils: Insertion and step-by-step withdrawal of the complete shaft shoring. Noncohesive and flowing soils: Creation of a shaft ring with prior excavation; insertion of shoring shaft corners and aluminium planking alternately with excavation; creation of gaps between aluminium planks; removal possible from below.

Shoring length: 0,91 m - 3,00 m
Height base unit: 0,50 m
Weight: 29 kg - 208 kg