Krings Single slide rail system EG FP

The FP version is the logical further development of the box system into a guided shoring system, slide rail system, which forms a closed system. Slide rail shoring is intended for loose soils and can therefore only be installed in the lower and cut method. In the FP system, the mushroom fitting is fixed directly in the slide rail.

The continously interlocked slide rails and shoring panels make the smallest of the KRINGS slide rail system the most ideal trench shoring solution in loose ground conditions in depth of up to 12.0' / 3.70 m

Shoring depth: max. 3,70 m
Pipe culvert height: max. 1,40 m
Earth pressure: max. 23,58 - 55,80 kN/m²
Panel length: 2,00 m - 7,00 m
Height base panel: 2,32 m
Height top panel: 1,30 m