E+S Site road system

Easy and quick to lay
The use of the modern site road, as an alternative to traditional excavator support mat,  opens up new technical and economic opportunities for those involved in construction projects. No special vehicles are required to deliver and remove the components. The individual site road elements can be laid straight onto the ground without any extensive earthmoving in preparation. Because of its simple design and special connection elements, laying speed is relatively high.

Simple assembly
The site road is composed of strong angles laid lengthwise and various special profiles laid crosswise. The assembly of the 2.34 m long and 3.80 m wide elements on the site couldn't be simpler. An excavator lifts the elements one after another from a reversing truck, and then they are connected together with a kind of chain joint.

Highly versatile on site
The new site road withstands high loads as well as being easy to transport and quick to lay. The construction of a conventional site road is enormously costly and time-consuming. Normally, bulldozing, removing and storing the topsoil, laying a geotextile and a course of crushed stone with subsequent compacting, lifting and removing the stone and then re-laying the stored topsoil all add to the cost.

These tasks are eliminated by the E+S site Road. In addition, the temporary site Road is distinguished by its versatility. It can be quickly laid in accordance with the conditions on site.