Construction supllies



Plastic and steel spacers
for bottom bars
for upper bars
for vertical bars
for horizontal and vertical bars
for mesh reinforcement, vertical bars and formwork
for using isolating materials
for bars and connection with others mesh reinforcements or elements

2 Fiber concrete and cast concrete spacers
cast concrete spacers
fiber concrete spacers
fiber concrete spacers for formwork and accessories
3 Formwork spacers
formwork spacers and accessories
waterstops for tiebars
tiebar tubing and kones
formwork spacers for reuse
4 Isolating elements for ring beams, joints
elements for sites and concrete plant
permanent formwork - Streckmetall
5 Fabric liner for smoother concrete surface
Fabric for formwork - vlies + accessories
6 Connection and anchoring elements
connectors and anchors for brickworks
reinforcing connectors
shear transfer elements
7 Anchoring technology
anchoring rails and accessories
8 Elements for sound insulation
for landings and stairs
9 Fastening and assembly technology
air anchor and accessories
fixing of insulation materials
assembly anchors for Dywidag rods.
keys and switching devices
fixing for ceiling mounts
blocks and dowels
special material for concrete plant
screw housings and accessories
10 Profiles for edges and corners
triangular, gutter and joint profiles,
tiebar tubing and accessories
11 Joint spacers, safety caps and foils
spacers for tile and paving lying
foil to protect the basements and accessory
spacers for steel and rebar safety caps
12 Joints
13 Sealings technology
injection resin and mortar
14 Schöck - Isokorb, Tronsole etc.
- Connecting system for cantilevers balconies
15 Leschuplast - PVC strips, elastic bearigns
16 Mould release oil