Anchoring systems

Formwork tying
We use Dywidag anchoring system, standard DW 15 and DW 20.
In the offer you can see nuts, waler plates and tie rods, which are suitable for formwork tying, for tying ring beams or other concrete form. Tie rods are equipped with protective system for reuse (tiebar tube + adequate kones – or other protective systems for example waterproof.)




Other Dywidag systems on request.

In the offer:




• Hexagonal nuts
• Hexagonal connecting nuts
• Hexagonal weldable nuts
• Round plate nuts
• Wingnut pivotplate

Waler plates:

• Squared
• Rectangular



Tie rods:
• Non-weldable
• Weldable




Anchoring technology
Suitable for use as a one-sided anchoring.
Typically used for climbing formwork, scaffold anchors and thin-walled structures.

In the offer:








  • Anchoring kones
  • Rock anchors
  • Loop, hook and pigtale anchors
  • Barrier tie rods