Transmissions systems

Ulma Construccion CZ supplies, especially in the branche of special system for engineering construction, also accessories that serve to ensure movement of formwork and support systems, or accessories for pouring concrete. These include the following categories of products:

Ulma construcción CZ owns a wide range of certified hydraulic jacks designed for both industrial use and maintenance, where the situation requires acts as a load lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. There are hydraulic jacks single acting and double acting, with a stroke range from 100 mm to 1650 mm , with a capacity of 5 t to 600 t.





There's also a range of other handling and lifting equipments - manual, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic jacks, lever hoists, winches, wire ropes, chains - and accessories for the transmission of movement - pulleys, wheels, roller skates, etc.








Part of the offered service is not just about formwork and stripping phases, but the actual pouring concrete. For safe and steady pouring of concrete mixtures, especially in difficult situations, often resulting in extreme conditions on site (lack of space for concreting, construction of high density concrete, tunnels, shafts, etc.) we have a solution – external pneumatic vibrators, filler necks and tunnel periscopes.





Given the fact that the deployment of these systems usually requires a detailed project design, in relation to the structure to which these products are deployed, Ulma Construccion CZ implements these products for sale and rent in close connection with a specific project and the proposed technical solution. This allows Ulma Construccion CZ to deliver the system formwork, scaffolding or supporting structures, including this one – for the construction site most usual need - accessories "turnkey".