2011 - VZT Blanka - SO 05


Project technical features
Height 14m
The excavated cross sectional area 286m2
Length 120m
The concrete volume for one phase  160m3


Execution period: 01/2011-07/2011

Contactor: METROSTAV a.s., divize 5

Subject of supply:
Tunnel form with steel envelope (h= 14 m, l=6.125m) + reinforcement cart (h=14 m, l=6.5m)

Utilized system:
Meccano, Omega, steel envelope thickness of 5 mm, tunnel form equipped of hydraulic system lifting and lowering, included of helpful constructions from ALPI systems needed for assembly of tunnel form “in situ.”

Project description:
Engineering ventilation centre has got the excavation cross sectional area of 286 m2.  In the big “hall” of Blanka will be located ventilators, with operating systems and power supply. This way the air from tunnels will be ventilated above the level of land.

By its parameters - height of 15.5 m and planned concrete volume for one phase of each casting segment – the realization of this tunnel certainly was not “little thing”. Ulma Construcción CZ prepared the tunnel form by total length of 6,125 m with steel envelope thickness of 5 mm, included of hydraulic system of levelling and lowering, completed with transmission system of movement. Speciality of this solution was the assembly directly in the site, where thanks to perfectly prepared prescription of assembly flow the upper truss could be safety lifted up and connected to the bottom part of tunnel form, which assures the transmission of load and movement of whole structure. The compatibility of this system with other Alpi system allowed equipping the form with safety elements of climbing and pouring concrete accessory. The idea of the Meccano construction set allowed operatively equipped tunnel form by next useful constructions in the place of two linking tunnels, which by their shapes not to allow pouring coherently the concrete by both side main tunnel form. Moreover the reality that was possibility to construct the reinforcement cart of the same profile from the same system, which assures the pre-step technology of own concreting – all this is the mental link of modular system Meccano.

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